Facts About World Sexual Purity Day


  • Until around 2015, there was no designated day marked as Sexual Purity Day.
  • Surprisingly, other sex-related holidays like Condom Day, Blowjob Day, Threesome Day, Orgasm Day, BDSM Day, Bisexuality Day, Sex Toy Day, Pride Month, Masturbation Month (and the list goes on) seemed to have existed prior to the establishment of Sexual Purity Day.
  • The inception of Sexual Purity Day can be credited to Victor Olukoju (PVO), a Nigerian Pastor and filmmaker.

The Brainchild of Victor Olukoju

In his words during an interview in 2021, he said:

I desired that United Nations or other World bodies will declare a day as World Sexual Purity Day just like we have different days globally.

I wanted a day when biblical sexual purity will be celebrated. Later it dawned on me that it was not going to happen because the world will not celebrate or embrace such. It came to my spirit strongly after then to declare a day as World Sexual Purity Day and it was going to be so. It was as if I was having a meeting with God.

That day, I donated my birthday to God as the day World Sexual Purity Day will be celebrated globally. While I live and after I am gone to heaven, I want people to remember November 14th as World Sexual Purity Day and not my birthday. It is already happening! I see World Sexual Purity Day been celebrated in different Nations of the World and many do not know where it is coming from. That to me is an eternal legacy! The impact is more important than who started it.


On this day, let’s reflect on the message PVO passionately conveys. It is a call to action, an invitation to stand boldly for truth, purity, and values, shine your light amidst the thick darkness in the world and around us. Enough of cowering in fear, in shame, feeling inferior or less than.

Stand up boldly for truth!
For purity!
For God!

Be vocal about your values. And yeah, stop compromising. No matter how bold or audacious they may appear on the media, they that stand for purity are more than you think. You are not alone. We are many!

Happy World Sexual Purity Day!

Do well to engage, share, and spread the gospel.

Stay Sexually Pure!


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