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Hello blog family. It has been an incredibly long time since I posted on here. Life has been busier than ever and honestly I’m stretching myself thin, but who isn’t? Lol.

Happy New Month… I hope your September is starting on the note of gratitude, strength and grace? May your heart be fully satisfied with the goodness of our Heavenly Father, and may you find revelation that moves your life forward. Amen!

On my side, I’ve been quietly retreating as well as setting the systems that allow me step into what’s next in God’s Plans for me. I am so joyed about all the possibilities that lie ahead for us in the last quarter of 2022.

What I Sense about this Season

This season, I sense the Lord is calling us to Stillness, Intercession and Faith. Faith, not first for ourselves, but the kind that believes for the healing of nations, the restoration of order in our land and the salvation of souls in our society. We have to dare to rise in courage, and go out in faith. 

I am a Nigerian and with the current happening in my country, it’s seems like the system keeps getting worse. I try as much to stay off the media because it’s always one horrible news or the other. A lot of persons are trying to Japa ( A slang we use for relocation) and with the upcoming presidential election…. It causes a lot of news stir.

Back to what God is saying this season. Going out in faith will mean different things to each of us, but what matters is truly responding to the call arising within our hearts, and refusing to become dull or without holy intention! We must never become a people without holy intention. There’s got to be a pulsating purpose, sounding like beats, in the midst of our hearts, our spirits… making us alive to the desires of God.

I pray you never lose your wonder, or get lost in the pressure, pain or pretense that you stop seeking the Kingdom. This Scripture remains evergreen for you and I. 

But first and most importantly seek (aim at, strive after) His kingdom and His righteousness [His way of doing and being right—the attitude and character of God], and all these things will be given to you also. 

Matthew 6:33

Let’s Release our Faith Together – Here’s HOW!

For me, this season, I am releasing my faith and stretching out to receive the Heavenly Proclamations and Provisions that God has made over my continent.

You can release your faith by speaking forth!

What are you releasing your faith for in this last quarter of 2022?

God is never too late, He’s always on time. Remember God is mindful of you. He’s a responsible Father.

P. S: I love you, and thank you for letting me share my writings with you!

See you soon,

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