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There may be gazillion things Jesus had the potential of doing but He didn’t do them because He stuck to a job description given to Him by the Father. His Job Description kept Him focused and set boundaries to what He did or didn’t do. He told his disciples in John 4 that His food was to do the will of Him who sent Him and to complete His works.

That’s the goal! Doing the will of the Father!!!

In the second half of 2022, I am not set on an endless discovery path in a bid to find out ALL that I can DO and BE so that I can maximize them.

My goal is to find out what God wants me to do per time and focus on it(or them). If all my potential were maximized at the end of the day, so be it. If I used my potential, it won’t be because I went to find out ALL of them but because I set my gaze on the Father, discerning His heart per time and running with any vision He lays in my heart.

Sometimes, you can be so consumed with maximizing the potential that you miss the purpose.

How? You may ask.

It is not everything you CAN do that you SHOULD do. The fact you can do so many things does not mean you should dabble in all of them.

For every single time, you say YES to something, you have said NO to another thing, consciously or unconsciously.

Am I saying you should not be multi-passionate in this second half or flow out of your multiple expressions? Not at all.

I am saying that your flow, whether on one or multiple things, should be in ALIGNMENT WITH THE WILL OF THE FATHER for your life in that season, and not merely because you want to prove that you can do all that you can do. You may also find this post interesting.

You may attempt to refute this point by referring to the parable of the talents. But if you are familiar with the scriptural context, you will know that talent in that passage speaks to a type of “currency” used in that time and not necessarily natural abilities.

Even if you want to make it about abilities, each of those servants had the potential of doing more than they were given. But they executed based on the will of the master. When they proved worthy, He increased the talents given to them on the next errand. This means they have always had the potential but He committed it to them little by little, based on their faithfulness.

In this 2nd half of the year, stop dabbling into a ton of things just because you can. In the eyes of men, you may appear busy but it’s not wisdom at all. Find the will of the Father per time and do it. Drop the extra baggage!


NB: I can’t believe the first half has ended. Believe me, I thoroughly enjoyed these last six months because you were in it. Every blog post, and activity, was a blast because you engaged by reading, sharing, liking, and leaving comments and feedback.

God Bless You!

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