Are You Broken and Tired?

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Started 2023 with lots of hope, I assume. Can I ask you, how has that been for you? I mean, how have all those plans and aspirations panned out in these past few months? Are you broken and tired?

I may not know how things have been for you, but I do know that one thing everyone can relate to, is how uncertain life can be. In all our hopes, plans, and aspirations, I can rightly assume that none of us factored in challenges that will spring up on us, but they did. While praying, some of us became disappointed, broken, and tired. All the enthusiasm and energy that the new year began with have already faded, and many people have fallen back into hopelessness.

It is not atypical of our nature as man to tire out in this journey of faith, and life.

The irony of life is that even when you are worn out and have given up, new problems will still confront you in the future. It won’t prevent problems from emerging in the future. The storms won’t stop coming as a result of it. You can wish it away, but remember, life is designed to be a journey full of obstacles that will either make you or break you.

Thus, despite your exhaustion, you have a choice: take charge of your life, or let life take over you.

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What’s next?

How do I move forward from the last few months, which have left me broken and tired, into the next nine months?

How do I still see in this year 2023, the manifestations?

How do I step into the era of our reign?


It is time to Rise up, find your voice, give Him the worship that he deserves, remember His goodness, and shout aloud his wonderous work.

Do not keep quiet, remember all of His promises.

Fear is not your future. Open your mouth and say:

Goodbye, fear! Goodbye, guilt! Goodbye, shame! Goodbye, pain! Goodbye grave, it’s a new horizon!

Goodbye, depression! Goodbye, heartache! it’s a new horizon, yeah.

I culled out some songs you can listen to. Stay uplifted and watch Him work it for your good.

Fear is Not My Future – (feat. Brandon Lake & Chandler Moore) | Maverick City Music x Kirk Franklin

You Hold It All Together – Maverick City Music x UPPERROOM

God Will Work It Out– (feat. Naomi Raine & Israel Houghton) | Maverick City Music | TRIBL

Rise Up -Andra Day

How have you been able to put yourself together, despite how overwhelming things can get? What has been your source of strength? Please kindly share in the comments so others can learn and be encouraged. I look forward to reading your comments.

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