I kept reviewing my life and asking what terrible sin have I committed.

I cried bitterly and kept asking God what is happening. You seem like your a million miles away.

Am I going through some kind of punishment from God?

Why does God hate me, I feel so unloved and ignored

I am sure we have been through times. We all have or go through seasons in our lives. Some can be good, others very tough, It makes it almost impossible to endure. Those seasons can be very discouraging if not handled well and we may come out even weaker than we were if we are not mindful. So what do we do when we are in those seasons of life? When it seems nothing is working. I said “seems” because God is always working behind the scene.

Anchor texts:

Then the LORD said to Abram, ‘Be sure of this. Your descendants will live in a country which is not their own. They will be strangers there. They will be slaves. People will do bad things to them. This will go on for 400 years.

Genesis 15:13 EASY

The Israelites had lived in Egypt for 430 years. It was on the last day of the 430 years that all the LORD ‘s people left the country called Egypt.

Exodus 12:40-41 EASY

A basic summary

God told Abraham, your people will go through a season (400 years) but by Exodus, so many decades later, We see that they prolonged their season for 30 years. Sure they came out, but barely. One of the major things I want us to note is this. Seasons pass! I know it may seem like what you are going through, This will never go but trust me it will. How do I know that? The bible said

“There is time for everything; Seed and harvest time”.

Whatever you are going through is not the constant, it will pass but you on the other hand. God is so much interested in how you make it out of it.

Either Alive(victorious), barely surviving or entirely given up

What to do with tough seasons?

In a tough season,

  1. Be more concerned with learning all he wants you to more in that period than leaving that season: God had an agenda for what he wanted to achieve in Israel’s temporary enslavement so many years earlier even before they came into being. Genesis 15 showed us that first, He would use that as a medium to punish the Egyptians. Second, the Israelites were to come out with great possessions and in Exodus Moses said as received from the lord “Let my people go so they would worship me”. The third on the plan was worship. GOD wanted to reveal himself to his children in a different way. All these were pretty planned. This goes to say that there is a lesson God wants you to learn in this period. Even if the seasons were brought about by disobedience to God.

He wants to work it out but you have to want to learn. I know you have been praying for breakthrough and rightfully so. But have you Learnt what you needed. As a long as a child doesn’t learn all he needs to, going to the next class will be difficult no matter how long and hard they pray. So today, take a break from your usually prayers and ask our father. “Abba, what do you want me to learn in this phase of my life’ What are you teaching me through this? He will answer. Who knows, this ‘maybe the key to that breakthrough you have been praying for

  1. Be watchful of your attitude: Reading through Exodus shows us how thingy the attitudes of the Israelites were. But wait? aren’t we most often like that . God is so interested in the process. For us, the end doesn’t justify the means. Our attitude in such seasons is so important that repeatedly Paul said “Rejoice, Again I say rejoice” What attitude should I maintain? That of joy! This may be hard as the last thing we want to do is be joyful. But God told us for us to draw water from the wells of Salvation, I need Joy. Imagine being in front of a well, bucket in hand, ready to fetch but having no fetcher. You will go back without you’re water although so close to it. Joy is our fetcher! The salvation, the breakthrough we desire is a well! but to draw from it, We need joy. Not complaining, not self pity, not depression but joy!

So don’t murmur, don’t complain, don’t be bitter, Rejoice! most especially even with those who have what you desire. Where is your fetcher? Where is your joy? Perhaps you are right in front of your well but you are not having your fetcher. No Joy, no Water. David said “My heart is fixed, my heart is fixed, I will sing to the lord of my salvation. Get your fetcher Sis!

  1. Be watchful of delay: You have done all these, be watchful of delay majorly caused by the enemy. God said “I know Pharaoh will not let my people go except a strong hand is upon him.” God planned 400, the Israelites stayed 430. If the enemy had his way, they would stay longer. It is at this point that you stand against the riles of the evil one. Someone had to make Pharaoh let go! A stronger hand! Have you stayed beyond your time. Trust me, you will know! Even if you don’t, start asking for clarity! Like birth pangs, You will know that “Wait, I am not supposed to be here! I am ready to deliver”

As soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth a child. Please note, Crying, complaining, wishful thinking didn’t bring them out. Time didn’t solve it. Time doesn’t heal wounds, God does. People may say “Don’t worry, with time it will get better. ” True to some extent being that time concerted with Obedience to God given instructions, it will get better. They were freed by the power of God. The power of his word! Get into the word! Find out what he says and do it! declare it! Pray it! But don’t stay idle.

  1. Listen to instructions: God had a strategy for Israel’s deliverance. God had a strategy for most Wars David fought. But they listened. Wars aren’t just won by fighting anyhow. I know you have been praying but today can you ask him, “Lord how do I go about this? ” How do I pray? Who do I talk to? What is your strategy for leaving this phase of my life. How do I birth that Which you want to? Don’t enter a battle without a strategy. It’s dangerous. Amongst many reasons, it leads to weariness. Because you end up fighting and losing thinking maybe am not doing it right, you try again but don’t succeed and eventually give up. Why do you think we usually say “But I have been praying! I am tired!” Don’t get me wrong, prayer is essential, we must often forget that one of the crucial reasons why we pray is to receive instructions. Are you sure you are fighting this battle God’s way?

In conclusion,

Make an habit of remembering the times God had come through for you because it is such a significant strategy for fighting the discouragement that threatens to ensnare us.

I pray for you reading this, and you’re at the point of giving up I ask that the Lord strengthen you and I declare peace to you right now, I pray that your faith will not fail, I pray that you come out victoriously because the Lord will make a way for you and He will never leave you nor forsake you in Jesus name Amen.

If you like to talk to someone, or you’ll like me to pray with you please leave me a message. God bless you.


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  1. I have found that after going through tough seasons I am better able to serve others.

    Everything that happens in our lives can be used to glorify the Father, but sometimes it takes a while to fully grasp the significance of the darker seasons.

    Blessings to you today.

    1. Yes it takes a while to fully grasp the significance of dark seasons. As Christians the very moment you grasp it, like Jesus told Simeon when thou have converted, so I’ll replace it with when thou have grasped strengthen your brothers and you are fulfilling the scripture. Thank you Barb for serving others.

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