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I find it truly captivating that the word “Ember” signifies a glowing fragment, like a fading coal in a dwindling fire. Embers are those residual flickers of light that persist in the aftermath of a fire’s peak, quietly smoldering within the ashes.

What intrigues me is how this concept resonates with the so-called “ember months” These months mark the grand finale of the year, arriving as the year itself is quietly waning. By this point in the year, many of us have seen the initial fire we ignited at the start of the year wane.

The burning desire to achieve more, to become more, to seize every opportunity and make the most of the present, that new year’s hope, often wanes. The ember months arrive, and it seems as though the roller coaster of life’s events has washed away our earlier optimism.

This is precisely why I felt it vital to remind ourselves that even in dying embers, there’s hope that the fire can be rekindled. That faint glow of light serves as a beacon, signaling there’s still time to work toward your goals for the year.

To rekindle the fire from the embers, there are certain steps we must take:

  • Stir the embers:

As you stir the embers, more air flows and makes them glow brighter. Let this season reawaken the hope, faith, and resilience that you started the year with. Use the remaining months to recommit to finishing strong and ending the year on a high note.

  • Blow more air:

Blowing life into the embers is akin to injecting fresh oxygen, reigniting the flames. Now is the perfect time to immerse yourself in experiences that reignite your commitment – self-development, surrounding yourself with the right people, and engaging with valuable programs, messages, and teachings that fan your passion and keep you ablaze.

  • Add Flammables:

As the embers ignite, and the smoke starts to rise, consider this your opportunity to introduce materials that will make the flames dance and flicker without restraint. This season is still an opportunity to add value. When you invest in your growth and contribute to the well-being of others, it inevitably enhances your commitment and drive. Ask yourself, “In what ways can I contribute value to others during this season? How can I improve myself to offer even more value?”

Once you’ve found your answers, roll up your sleeves and keep that fire burning.

Have a wonderful week ahead, stay ignited with KARI JOBE SONG- EMBERS


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  1. Beautifully presented , l so so love it
    Thank you for your encouraging words of hope that with God all hope will rekindle.
    God bless you dearest, great grace upon you in Jesus name 🙏

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