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Some days back, I taught a group about emotions and how to begin the journey of self-regulation. The majority of the time, an overly emotional response is a sign that a long-buried traumatic memory has been aroused. As they say, “If it is hysterical, it is historical.”

Most times, the action and the reaction are unequal. The event that sparked the emotions and the way the person responded are often not commensurate.

What this means is that more often than not, people are going through past, buried but unhealed emotional hurts and psychological upsets. From traumatic childhoods to physical defects to toxic parents, mental unwellness, and social stigmas, many adults are grown-up monuments of childhood pain.

We learn to mask this pain and live on coping mechanisms that work but only for so long.

But today, I wish to introduce you to the Great Healer who is capable of healing the hurt and making you whole.

Do you know?

The saddest scripture in the Bible is voted to be Isaiah 53 because it contains the most vivid depiction of the Lord’s passions and ultimate sacrifice.

First, a brief description of the type of torture he endured is given; it left him so horribly scarred that there was nothing attractive about him (Isa 53:2-3).

But shortly after that, we see that his torture was not in vain. The first blessing that torture brought was that, Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows.”

The first price Christ paid was the price for your emotional well-being. Even before the scripture records the price for your sinfulness, it talks about the weight of the emotional and psychological turmoil in your soul.

Jesus Christ came to reconcile you to God as surely as he came to bring restoration to your emotional and psychological upsets. If you plead the blood to remit for your sins, why haven’t you pleaded the blood to bring calm to your soul?

Whether those hurts of yesteryears have become _mental illnesses, anti-social behaviors, disruptive tendencies, self-damaging actions and mindsets, addictions, or even hate towards someone, the Lord paid the price for your healing. You don’t need to hold unto it anymore.

Let it go. Allow the blood to work fully. Let it cleanse the hurts and restore you fully to the provision of the Cross.

The Cross Will Not Be In Vain!

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