Maria Woodworth Etter

A review of the life and time of a God’s General.

In the annals of Christian history, there are remarkable individuals who have left an indelible mark on the faith, blazing trails and challenging societal norms. Maria Woodworth Etter, known as the “Demonstrator of the Spirit,” was one such person. Let us delve into the remarkable story of this God’s General, who defied societal norms and became a pioneering female evangelist.

Her Beginning:

She was Born in 1844 On a farm in Lisbon Ohio which shows her family was a middle class. She became born again at the age of 13, and immidiatly after that, God called her and she was fully aware of it.

She said “ I heard the voice of Jesus calling me to go out in the highways and hedges and gather in the lost sheep”

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Welcome Back! A Journey of Authenticity and Connection.

It feels incredible to be sitting here, typing away on this blog once again. It’s been a few months since I last shared my thoughts and experiences with you all, and oh, how I’ve missed it! When I first started this blog, little did I know that it would become a pivotal part of my life, touching the hearts of many and providing me with incredible platforms to share. But as life took an unexpected turn, I found myself needing to step away for a while.

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Thursday Musings- Emotions


Some days back, I taught a group about emotions and how to begin the journey of self-regulation. The majority of the time, an overly emotional response is a sign that a long-buried traumatic memory has been aroused. As they say, “If it is hysterical, it is historical.”

Most times, the action and the reaction are unequal. The event that sparked the emotions and the way the person responded are often not commensurate.

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