“Beyond Comfort: A Call to Rise Above Minimal”

Written by Mary Nwanua

It is February, the time of the year when we are still fired up and want to fulfill our goals, dreams, and aspirations. I am excited for you, and I hope you win big. But while you are at it, I have a few questions: How large is your dream? What do you aim for? What do you see? And on whose arm are you leaning on?

Hmmm, some profound questions!

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Maria Woodworth Etter

A review of the life and time of a God’s General.

In the annals of Christian history, there are remarkable individuals who have left an indelible mark on the faith, blazing trails and challenging societal norms. Maria Woodworth Etter, known as the “Demonstrator of the Spirit,” was one such person. Let us delve into the remarkable story of this God’s General, who defied societal norms and became a pioneering female evangelist.

Her Beginning:

She was Born in 1844 On a farm in Lisbon Ohio which shows her family was a middle class. She became born again at the age of 13, and immidiatly after that, God called her and she was fully aware of it.

She said “ I heard the voice of Jesus calling me to go out in the highways and hedges and gather in the lost sheep”

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