Dear God,

Not only is being single difficult, but the worst part is that my body refuses to accept it.

I’m driven by an internal yearning for physical contact and emotional connection.

My need for comfort is ever-present, and the pressure to show off my man is growing.

Oh Lord, Have you forgotten about me like I’m a dirty rag?

Is my supplication so insignificant that you refuse to answer it and give me a man to love?

We’re almost to December, and you haven’t accomplished anything, Abba.

Nothing but a lonesome beginning and lonely ending.

Jireh, pardon me if I ever doubt the veracity of the saying “what you cannot do does not exist,” but I have cried, prayed, and even proclaimed your word, but neither my boyfriend nor my husband has ever come.

Is that the case, Abba Father?

There’s no way I can afford to buy asoebi right now, but I also have no idea when I’ll be able to sell any of mine.

Did you want me to be a nun or live a celibate lifestyle?

Father, my Aunt Bimbo keeps asking me about my wedding plans.

For sure, Uncle Sunny will let me know that “all my mates are in their husband’s house.”

Nkiru, the little girl from yesterday, even teases me about how she is a mother now.

Holy God, you created marriage,

You, the one who said a girl should move out of her parents’ house and into her husband’s,

Is it wrong to want to settle down with a spouse and raise a family?

Have I so offended you, Dad, that you’ve forgotten all about me?

In that case, please pardon my sins and provide me with a husband.

Just tell him what to do, and he will comply.

Interrupt his rest like in the old days, and have him dispatch his bullion vans to find me.

Then again, maybe you can guide my actions like you did with Ruth, putting me in the best possible place for him to find me.

I want to be drenched in the fragrance of heaven so that he will find me attractive.

Anoint me with the oil of thy favor and clothe me in thy finery, and I will be the object of his desire.

God, I pray that you will bless my work so that my life will be a testimony as the Proverbs 31 woman.

If this year doesn’t get me to my husband’s family, I hope the next one does.

Until we meet again, Lord, may you continue to reign triumphantly and bless your people.

Regards from Kononia,

lovely lone worshiper.

I end with these word from a dear sister.
“Don’t lower your standards o, don’t settle. After the euphoria of the wedding ceremony, you would regret doing such. God has a lot of good sons, He will give you one perfect for you. Amen”

Written by Mary Nwanua.

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  1. Very lovely and sincere expression. I also pray for every lady in this situation that we are being moulded into the Prov 31 woman

  2. Such a heartfelt post! Be encouraged my dear sister. I definitely know what it feels like to wait a long time for your husband. I got married at 35! But your friend is definitely correct – it is better to wait on the one that God has for you. I assure you it is worth the wait! 😊❤ May God continue to mold and prepare you in this season.

    1. Thank you Abeo, so true, God is never late, waiting on Him concerning our marital destiny is worth the wait a million times. God Bless your family.

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