Declaration- Ephesians 3:20

I declare in this week, the Lord is able to do beyond the boundaries of my thoughts. I will not limit the Lord’s ability through unbelief. I know and I belief that the Lord can do above my fears and doubts; above my pains and uncertainties. He can take me above my present successes and request. I believe it. I put faith into work. His power is at work in me to accomplish all things!


When you stay down and address your desires before God, your problems are at the same level with you. So they sometimes look more glorified and bigger than they really are.

But when you address those problems from your position in heavenly places, you’re looking down at your desires. They are small, surmountable, insignificant and doable.

The Lord is able to do beyond your thoughts. You have to change your point of view.

All things are possible in Christ.

Happy Sunday!!

Have a blessed and prosperous week ahead.

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