It’s the last day of the first quarter in the year 2022 and it’s practically that time when people try to measure, analyze the goals, strategies, plans, and achievement achieved if any.

I choose to publicly share my appreciation and heart of thanksgiving to God. Remember, Gratitude is a type of lifestyle and there is always something to be grateful for. I hope you can look within and find something to be grateful for and live confidently.

Dear Father,

I am here. Not to ask for anything but to soak in Your presence. Been a crazy couple of weeks and months in the year 2022. There are lots of burdens in my heart. But I am not here to bother you with anything but to drink in Your love. Your daughter is not here to complain…She’s here to worship!

Been so far away. I began to feel like the weight of the world was on my shoulder. With so many epileptic prayer moments. But I am back home, Abba. To begin again. To sit at Your feet. Cherishing every single moment. In silence. With words. With songs. Take advantage of every second and minute to meditate on who You are. And Your greatness. And Your goodness.

I’ve focused so much on my job, more professional certifications, and daily routines and it seems I have lost touch with the reality of Your magnificence. I have gotten used to nature, changing seasons, day turning into night, waking up every day and moving on as if it were normal, that I have lost the awe of Your creative abilities and Your wonders.

I have gotten used to carrying out spiritual routines that I am easily forgetting about Your grace. That it is not my work, that brought me this far. When was the last time I pondered on Your faithfulness? Or Your never-ending love? No wonder I had the mind to question whether You cared because things didn’t turn out the way I had hoped or prayed for.


I am here with my alabaster box filled with my most precious things. You can have it all. Yes, You can have my heart. My life, will plans, money, and my time. Even the career I hold dear. I surrender them all. Pledging my devotion and allegiance again. And again.

Accept my tears. And the song I am singing now You keep on Getting Better. I mean every inch of it. I am not here to sing. You have the best choir who do a better job up there morning and night than my croaky voice. I am here to worship. I was born for it. And I will join all that You created to extol Your Holy Name. For if everything exists to lift You high, so will I. So will I.

Thank you Abba, I love and worship you.

#Letter to God!

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