It’s the birthday of an amazing friend turned sister and a great contributor to the blog.


This is a testimony I’ll share, you may have heard it before please enjoy it again. It’s a reference point for me, I constantly use it to remind the devil of how much he tried in the past, and how much he failed.

2015, after my final exams in the university I fell sick, I frequented the school clinic and still felt worse, I was treated for typhoid, malaria, and ulcer and I didn’t get better. The annoying part is that I’ll be fine in the morning but immediately the sun rises you won’t believe it’s me again. And since I had to finish my project I just kept managing. I told a few friends and we started praying.
One morning I woke up to a feeling of someone strangling me, I remember My elder sister, Moses and Vincent prayed for me at Shade’s house where I stayed briefly and the next day my supervisor asked me to go since I had defended he will print and submit. So I was rushed home the next day, straight to a hospital in Ilorin (A state in Nigeria) where my parent was waiting. The last thing I remember was entering the hospital gate. I am convinced that I died here. I woke up later in a hospital bed with all my family in the hospital.

Because of the crowd that kept coming, coupled with loud and long prayers disturbing other patients and with my mum’s request to treat me at home, I was discharged. On getting home that day we discovered that I had two strange incisions on the same spot on both legs.it was at this point we truly understood what was happening so we concentrated on prayers. (This season I knew the value of having friends that can pray for you when you can’t pray for your self)

After two weeks, I started to feel better and I was told to come to the hospital for a check-up. So I met this doctor who said there was an injection I missed and told a nurse to give me. Immediately I took the injection I couldn’t feel my right leg anymore. I was assured it will be temporary, getting home the place where I got the injection became swollen and paralyzed my right leg. For 8 days I couldn’t do anything by myself, my dad would carry me to the bathroom, my sister or mum would bathe me, and dad would carry me back. I couldn’t sit and can only lie on my left side. Some days the pain was unbearable. Days later, the wound opened and that became an entirely new challenge, because of the wound, the cloth was a major discomfort plus I was losing so much weight. My mum would sit by my bed after treating the wound and cry plus pray.


The one that touched me most was seeing my dad cry, I’ve only seen that twice, the first time was when my grandmother died so I knew it must be very bad. While am sleeping I will be hearing people praying for me, different prayer groups were coming, and am eternally grateful for that. Truly God hears prayers. He is indeed our JEHOVAH RAPHA. The truth is, I can’t explain how I recovered. But am here today. I am a year older today bearing scars from when I died and reminding the devil that I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.


This is Blessing Fadipe Eliezra’s testimony, you need to meet her in person, she’s a wonderful sister full of life and joy. She’s passionate about SDG 4 (Education), her dream is to see and ensure every child gets access to quality education and she currently runs an NGO called PROJECT SPONSOR A CHILD (PSAC), and she has been able to get so many children back to school. You can follow Project Sponsor a Child on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

Call to Action

Blessing Fadipe Eliezra needs our support and prayers. I hereby stretch forward a hand of invitation to you, please be a part of this project as we help children get back to school. Please share and reblog so we can get more people to see this. Thank you and God bless you.


You can read more of her contents

P.S – Please do not forget to say a prayer for her.

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