Do You Trust God?

Trust comes from knowledge, not feelings. The more you know about the abilities, capacities, dispositions, and priorities of a person, the clearer your trust stance towards that person will be. Trusting God is more than a feeling.

If you know that someone has the financial abilities to give you a bulk sum but is naturally stingy you’ll rarely trust them if they promised you anything.

In the same way, by seeing the heart of a person, their commitments, and capacities, you can clearly know when to trust them, and if to trust them.

How well you depend on and trust God is tied to this too. Knowledge of God’s abilities, dispositions, and priorities helped Job trust in him even through bleakness.

Do you trust God?

In today’s world, some people might curse God for allowing such incidents to befall them. The only difference between both parties is knowledge. The weight of trust is benched by the depth of knowledge and experience you have of a person. If you’re having difficulties trusting the Lord, now you know what to do.

Rather than murmur and grumble about Him not coming through for you, get knowledge about who He is, why He is, what he priorities, and his disposition towards you. Because it is they that trust in the Lord that will be like Mount Zion around Jerusalem– unmovable and protected.

Trusting God Scripture Verses in the Bible

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