A Tired Quiet Time

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The reality of the promise in Isaiah 40:28-31.
Now, I don’t just quote it. I make demands for it cos I am always TIRED. No matter how long I sleep, I still want to sleep more. Not like I have the luxury for more. And you think if I go to His presence to worship and pray and I get rejuvenated, that I will need discipline tomorrow to show up? Common sense and my weary muscles will drive me there.

Have you heard of men and women who God downloaded a business idea down to the smallest detail such as how their logo will look like? Do you think you need to preach to them or convince them on the importance of quiet time for them to go back to God when they want to take their business or career to the next level?

It’s simple. We struggle with consistency because we don’t understand how much we LOSE DAILY when we avoid God’s presence. He daily loads us with benefits and we get to miss it. Yesterday’s manna cannot serve for today. Let it sink in. Those that understand and have tasted the benefits don’t need convincing or accountability to turn up daily.

Jesus was addressing His disciples not everyone. He seemed to be saying, “That moment you chose to follow me, you lost every ability you had (if you had any) to do without Me” Before you became a Christian, somehow, you managed to “thrive” without God. You could get away with some things and nothing will happen. But now, no more. The moment you accepted Christ, you became born again. You became God’s baby. He became your Source and Sustenance. The things that sustained you pre-salvation can no longer keep you. You have been set up. You had better go and latch onto Him.

Dispelling Misconceptions:

Let me quickly correct this. We don’t do quiet time out of fear. What I mean is this. You know this lie that if you skip quiet time, your day will turn out terrible and bad things will happen. So, you had better pray in the morning before you go out. Where did we even buy that lie from? Because I know from experience that there are some good spiritual days where I ticked all the boxes before setting out that turned out very rough? And there are some days that I went by without praying and nothing seemed to happen? Why have we reduced spending time with God as a form of incantation we do before setting out to “insure” our day?

If that has been your motivation for morning prayer, I pray you receive wisdom.

The devil can decide to set you up (because he is still the god of this world) and ensure that those days you don’t pray that nothing happens so that you can begin to think you don’t really need to pray. And he will succeed because you have tied physical events to efficacy of quiet time. We don’t pray chiefly to avert disaster. Protection may be one of the benefits of being under God’s covering but not the motivation.

Whether things go bad or good is not the point. Physically, it may seem like nothing changed when you spent time with God or when you didn’t. Whether you are oblivious or not, the devil knows you lose when you don’t turn up. And the benefits are more spiritual than physical. If it wasn’t so, he won’t be fighting so hard to keep you away from God’s presence.


Isaiah 40:28-31 holds a profound promise of rejuvenation and strength found in God’s presence. To truly grasp this promise, we must embrace consistent quiet time, understanding that we have been set up for a greater dependence on God after accepting Christ. We must dispel the misconception that prayer is a mere incantation for a trouble-free day and recognize the spiritual warfare that occurs when we neglect God’s presence. Embrace the transformative power of spending time with our Creator, and unlock the abundant blessings that await in His presence.

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