Navigating Troubling Times

In a world where distressing media seems to be an ever-present companion, it’s only natural to feel a sense of worry about the future. The constant barrage of negative news can make one wonder if we’re heading towards a darker and more destructive path, where moral lines become increasingly blurred, leaving future generations to struggle with discerning right from wrong.

I however wanted to crosscheck my thoughts. Am I being fatalistic, pessimistic or unbelieving?

Don’t I think that light can trump darkness? Shouldn’t my approach be that we pray and work hard enough so that darkness will diminish considering the torrential rate at which it threatens to overwhelm us?

As I reviewed my thoughts via the word, Isaiah 60:2 came to mind and I went back to check it

For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people…

I know the passage off-heart. The main reason I went back was to see if there was a place that said something in the lines of, “then shall the Lord dissipate the darkness” or “but thou shall arise with thy light and displace the darkness.” You know, something that says that although there is gross darkness, our light will fade it out.

Instead, it just said, “but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.” Neither preceding nor succeeding verses said anything except that the emphasis was on YOUR LIGHT.

Gentiles will be in that darkness and only when they see YOUR LIGHT can they be attracted to it and make efforts to embrace that light.

A hope that the darkness upon the world will be lifted is vain. An anticipation that the gross darkness upon the people (plural) will die off is an illusion.

As heartbreaking as some of these events are, the best you can do is work on YOUR LIGHT.

Have light in you. Let your body be full of LIGHT. Embrace the life of God that is the LIGHT of men.

Light is Christ.

Light is Truth.

Light is Virtue.

Light is Wisdom.

Light is Knowledge.

In Conclusion,

There are severely troubling days ahead. Except you embrace light within you (not superficial), you’ll grope in darkness. But even worse, you won’t be able to help those in darkness. Not even your children will be spared. The Lord show us mercy.

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